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4 Ways to Know if Your Marketing Strategy is Working

When it comes to marketing strategy, brands need to be on their A-game all the time. A marketing strategy is designed for brands to promote their products/services to make a profit and create awareness.

 As a brand, having a good marketing strategy enables you to recognize your best customers. It also helps you understand your consumers’ needs and how to fulfill them. 

The question is, how do you know if your marketing strategy is working? Your marketing strategy may not work for your brand but work well for others. This is because marketing strategy varies when it comes to companies. This is because of the company’s goals, objectives, and also the product they are marketing. 

Highlighted below are four less obvious but essential measures of a successful marketing strategy. They include; 

  1. Bounce Rate 

The bounce rate of your website can be very easy to ignore. This is one of the most important metrics to analyze. Bounce rate represents the number of people who visit your site and then leave before visiting other pages. It represents the percentage of people who engage with your content enough to proceed to the next page. This shows that the number of new visitors you get on your site is not what is important. But the ones that stick around to navigate your site then you’ll know that they are engaging with your content. 

This is why you should use bounce rate to measure how effective your content is at filling the top of your marketing funnel. Many websites have bounce rates between 45% and 50% but anything below 40% is considered good. 

     2.  Organic Traffic 

At every second of the day, people are searching the web and looking for an answer, product, or service. The search engines are available for people to find what they need. If you want to know if you have organic traffic from search either from google or any other search engine you have to look at the number of people that visit your site through organic search. It is important to take notes of the numbers each month to document and know if it’s reducing or increasing. 

If you don’t see this metric grow steadily over time, you may need to review your website and its content in both new and previously published articles to ensure that they are fully optimized for search engines.

   3. Click Through to E-Commerce or Landing Pages

Visitors can arrive from your site either from a Facebook page, search engine, or an email link. It is very important to guide these visitors from the content to the sales area on your website. One way to achieve this is by adding contextual links to e-commerce or landing pages into your content which can be related to one of the services or products your company offers.   

If you don’t see a lot of clicks from content to eCommerce, you may need to re-evaluate how to integrate brand mentions into your content.

   4. Blogs to E-Commerce conversion 

You can set up analytics to track the path readers take after entering your blog and understand their shopping habits. You can see exactly how the blogs affect purchases, the average purchase amount per transaction, and the total revenue generated by that part of the site.

Also, if a reader didn’t purchase anything from your brand it doesn’t mean they did not engage with your brand or like your brand. They are aware of your content and know more information about your brand and the services or products you offer. This means that they can always come back anytime based on the information they have of your brand. 

Gone are the days of measuring marketing effectiveness just by the number of leads generated. It’s not just about conversion and closing the first sale. Marketing effectiveness is measured by the short and long-term income generated by the marketing strategy and the reduction in the cost of attracting customers during marketing.

If you need a solid marketing strategy for your brand, reach out to us at Progital Digital Agency to handle both marketing and social media management for your brand.


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