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Progital Powers Up CAAF24: Shaping Africa’s Sustainable Future Together


Progital, the leading digital transformation agency passionate about purpose-driven projects, is proud to announce a partnership with the Climate Action Africa Forum (CAAF) for their upcoming CAAF24 event. This event will be a powerful gathering of climate innovators, investors, and changemakers, all focused on accelerating climate action across Africa.

At Progital, we share CAAF’s commitment to using technology for positive social impact. In fact, CAAF24 aligns perfectly with our mission by providing a vital platform to showcase innovative climate solutions and mobilize resources for tackling Africa’s climate crisis.

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Progital’s Role in Shaping CAAF24

Our team of seasoned experts has been actively involved in several key areas to make CAAF24 a success:

  • Digital Experience Design: We built a user-friendly and engaging interface for the CAAF24 website ( Attendees can easily register, find information, connect with others, and explore networking opportunities.
  • Content Strategy and Development: We collaborated with CAAF to develop compelling content. This content highlights the importance of climate action, showcases the participating innovators, and amplifies the overall impact of the event.
  • Social Media Management: Leveraging our social media expertise, we’ve been managing CAAF24’s social media channels. Our goal? To create excitement, get people talking about the event, and build a strong online presence.

<img src="CAAF24-Africa-Event-Poster.jpg" alt="CAAF24 main event graphics poster">

The Impact of this Partnership

Progital recognizes the urgency of climate action and Africa’s vital role in the global conversation. CAAF24 brings together climate heroes, investors, and experts to spark innovation, build partnerships, and create a sustainable future for Africa. Here’s how we’re helping:

  • Showcasing African Solutions: We’re raising awareness about the amazing climate solutions coming out of Africa.
  • Connecting Changemakers: We’re helping climate innovators, investors, and key players meet and work together.
  • Spreading the Word Online: We’re using digital tools to make sure CAAF24’s message reaches the world, not just the event attendees.

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