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Why Powerful Graphics gets your Audience Attention.

Having a powerful online presence is what every brand desires but boring and blurry images spell doom for any business. Your poorly designed graphics may earn you a couple of likes but won’t leave any great impression on your audience. In fact, it does the exact opposite.
Continue reading to learn how to use the correct social media strategy and clean designs to attract the right audience.

First, it is key to note that your content has to be a hundred percent; content is more than mere text, it includes images, videos, blog posts, podcasts, and more. According to a 2018 report from the Social Media Examiner, about 32% of marketers agree that visual images are the most vital element in driving traffic to their businesses. A social media post with a nice image is more likely to generate a lot of engagement than a post with just text.

Like you, every brand aims to be memorable in the minds of its target audience and that’s a good thing. But how exactly do you achieve that?

Why Powerful Graphic Designs Work

The human brain is wired to react to images, colour, and diversity, meaning that we aren’t attracted to just text. Before posting on social media you have to keep in mind that the attention of your audience is being drawn to different things, therefore, using powerful images is an effective way to grab your audience’s attention without even demanding it.

The image should reflect your product, campaign, or service, it also has to bring value to your brand and be able to tell the viewer what your story is. Armed with this knowledge, you can now pick the right image for your social media post.

It is important to note that your image has to have a pop of color to catch the eye (unless it goes against your branding). Social media doesn’t operate in monochromatic tones and neither should you. A dash of color won’t hurt anybody.

Now let’s talk ‘TEXT’. First of all, remember that your image should reflect your brand’s message because your audience may be too busy to read the accompanying text. The text must not be too long or difficult to understand because your audience may not have the time to read it all.

Lastly, your brand has to stand out. Confused about how to achieve this? It’s simple. All you need is a bit of creativity. Be creative with your content, use relatable language, aim to arouse curiosity and interest, and most importantly, ensure that your content is original and authentic. Each post has to be unique and striking. Your designs can range from infographics, how-to images, graphs, quotes, boomerang, and so on. These encourage user engagement and that is what your brand should aim for.

In conclusion, nothing beats a professional, well-thought-out design. While there are certain DIY design tools to help you get the job done, designs created by a professional graphic designer always stand out. Professional graphics designers know the right colours to blend, as well as expert design techniques that make your designs stand out from the crowd while retaining your unique brand identity.

A clean, professional design adds credibility to your business, builds a powerful online presence for your brand, and makes it easier to convert the target audience to paying customers.

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